Grid Roller


Grid Roller is a flexible roller that can give a massage to a shallow and deeper part of the muscle. It is assembled with a plastic tube and several eva foam rollers. Its rollers are devised as DIY units which can be recombined with personal preferred pressing style. it is enjoyable with all in one'' presenting various functions and colorful combinations, which overthrows the shortage of multifunction and multi-colored on traditional Roller.
Grid Roller which has characteristic of the concept of environmental protection that it is making the best use of recycling material. Foam Roller is a consumable instrument. With regard to the traditional Grid Roller bar, the whole piece would be entirely discarded and replaced even with merely bounce inelasticity or partial damages on some particular parts.
So that each roller can make the best use to reduce the waste. It is worth to mention that this foam roller itself is a combination of design, can be extended with a number of other usage values, such as: water dumbbells, water buoys, yoga bricks, stretching exercises and other tools… set by the user themselves, therefore foam roller has the recycle values after full utilization.

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Joe Doe – April 12, 2018


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