Blackroll Superband- Green(Medium)


The BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND is ideal for improving body stability and coordination through a specific core training as well as belly, back and torso training. It can be used to help strengthen all muscle groups and chains. It is the compromise between the MULTI and the RESIST BAND. Orange Band is for light intensity. The BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND is perfect for a full body functional training. Especially for the stabilization of the musculature of trunk (core training) and the training of abs and back muscles. The training of these areas improve the posture and the mobility of the muscles and tissue.
A regular training with the BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND supports a good posture. Especially people who sit a lot in their jobs can strengthen their torso with it to help avoiding muscle tensions and neck- and back pain. Also for a preventative use. The both strengthening and stretching movements boost flexibility, which is why the muscles feel relaxed after training.
It’s also perfect for therapeutical issues to support the rehabilitation of sport injuries. The SUPER BAND is exceptionally elastic and made from a tear-resistant, pleasant natural textile fiber and rubber

body shape
Dimensions 8 (L) x 4 (B) x 18 (H)
Color Green
Size -

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Joe Doe – April 12, 2018


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