Blackroll Booster Set twin


The next generation of Blackroll is a self-massage with Vibra Motion Technology.   By combining the TWIN foam roller with the BOOSTER vibration core, muscle tension and fascia adhesions can be released even more effectively. The massage effect is intensified by the vibration, the muscle and fascia tissue is loosened and a multi-dimensional vibration massage is produced. Due to the variable intensities, the Booster Set Twin can be optimally used for activation before sports and for recovery after sports (low frequencies). This loosens the muscle and fascia tissue and creates a multi-dimensional vibration massage. The treatment of extremely painful trigger points can be somewhat uncomfortable with a foam roller alone when you start training. In combination with the BOOSTER you will find the vibration massage much more pleasant. This is because the pain receptors are irritated by the vibrations.

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Joe Doe – April 12, 2018


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